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A Closer Look at Customization in Maximum Football

Maximum Football Created Team CSU Minutemen Quarterback Throwing A Pass

From the outset, our goal with Maximum Football is to create the ultimate football sandbox for players to create the teams and the leagues that they want to create. And our success towards that vision is only as strong as the customization tools we place in your hands. In this blog, we are going to take a deep dive into the full suite of customization tools that will be available to you when Maximum Football launches into Early Access this year.*

We also want to let you behind the curtain on some features that are not yet in the game that the team is actively working on. Please note that these features are subject to change as they have not been finalized yet.

*Note: UI elements and features are Work-in-Progress and subject to change.


With a bevy of patterns, materials, fonts, and items, Maximum Football’s in-depth team creator will allow you to make just about any team that you can conceptualize. Let’s walk through designing a team in Maximum Football.

To start, you will clone one of the 130 pre-existing teams in Maximum Football. This will duplicate everything about the team, including their city, nickname, jerseys, and complete roster. Don’t worry, you will be able to edit every single aspect of your team in the creator tool.

Team Info

From here, you will fill out the basic information for your school. For our example, we will be creating the fictional school, the Chesapeake State Minutemen. In this section, you will fill out the following:Maximum Football Create-A-Team Basic Info Screen


  • Team and Conference Logo: You will have three options for applying logos to your team.
    • Choose from a large number of logos that ship with the game including 130 team logos and 12 conference logos.
    • Upload your own logo
    • Download from a library of logos uploaded by the Maximum Football Community.
    • Pro tip: If you would like to use a secondary logo for your team creator, you can upload it to the conference logo slot as that can be applied to various aspects of your uniform.
  • University Name, Name, Nickname, Abbreviation
  • Hometown, State and Year Established
  • Selected Roster: You can choose to import
  • Offensive and Defensive Playbook: Choose your team’s strategic identity by selecting your default playbook.

What We’re Working On (these features are subject to change):

  1. We know that teams aren’t generally limited to just one logo. So, we will be expanding the number of logo slots available per team. 
  2. Users will be able to upload all of their creations: rosters, logos, and teams for the community to download.

Team Styling

Now it’s time to start building the visual identity of your team. From this screen you can choose your primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. These will be the colors that you can choose from when creating your uniforms.

Maximum Football Create-A-Team Color Select

Pro tip: Black, white, and multiple shades of gray will be available in the jersey creator no matter what colors you choose here. Use 4 unique colors if you want more options.

From here, you will also select uniform numbers and lettering styles. You can mix and match with the various fonts available in the game. This is also where you will select the color of these elements on your jersey. Note that right now, the font options for the front text and the nameplate are tied together

Universal Changes and Individual Changes

In the creator, there are certain aspects of the uniform that will be applied globally to the entire team while other modifications are individual to the player you are editing. We will talk about player customization in a bit, but for now changes to the colors and designs of helmets, jerseys, and pants are all universal across your team. Sleeves, gloves, socks, cleats, helmet models and facemasks are all individual to the players. If you’d like to assign the same equipment to your whole team, you have the ability to do that by pressing X to “Apply Team Uniform to All Players.”

Helmet Design

The first thing you will notice when you open the helmet editor in Maximum Football is just how granular the customization options are. You don’t just add a logo and pick the color of the shell and the facemask. From the shell and facemask to the screws and straps, there are over 10 individual elements of your helmet that you will be able to choose not only the color of, but also the finish.

Here’s a quick look at some of the options available.


This is where you will start to be able to truly make this team your own. Create jerseys that are reminiscent of some of the most iconic uniforms in the sport, or develop the next instant classic. Rather than having preset jersey templates to choose from, Maximum Football’s uniform creator uses a layer system on various aspects of your jersey so that you can make your team exactly how you envisioned it.

When you are selecting patterns, they will stack in order from bottom to top pattern 1, 2, 3. Here’s a quick example of what that means.

As the game progresses through Early Access and into 1.0, we will continue to add fonts and textures as well as jersey, pant, and accessory options.

What We’re Working On (these features are subject to change):

  1. Currently, logo placement on helmets is fixed to one position. We are working on a system to stretch, skew, adjust, and reposition logos on helmets. 
  2. Back of the helmet sticker placements are currently planned, but won’t be available at the start of Early Access.


In Maximum Football, you will have the ability to edit every aspect of any player on any roster to make the football experience that you want to make. Make players as realistic as you’d like or go over the top with patterned accessories and elaborate face paints. This is your sandbox.

Maximum Football Player Creator


All of the various individual equipment modifications that are available in the team editor are also available in the player editor. There are of course all of the customization options that you would expect in a football title: gloves, cleats, helmets, etc.

But there are other customization options that are unique to Maximum Football. Choose the individual cut of the jersey that each player is wearing. Change the style and length of the pants, including the recently popularized over-the-knee style. Add patterns to socks, sleeves, knee wraps and arm bands, and take full control of the color options within. Each player will be able to express themselves through the equipment that they don on the field.

Maximum Football Sock Customization

We also wanted to ensure that the look and feel of the players on the field matched what you’d expect to see in real life. While there are generic pieces of equipment and accessories in the game, we have also partnered with a number of real-life brands to add that extra layer of realism to the game. These include:

  • Adidas
  • Shoc
  • Under Armor
  • Wilson
  • Xenith
  • Zuti


Player ratings will also be fully editable in Maximum Football, but we will take a closer look at the game’s ratings system closer to Early Access Launch.

Early Access Coming Soon!

As you can see, we have an abundance of tools that will be available for you to make the football universe that you want to make when Maximum Football goes into Early Access. We are excited to see the unique teams, rosters, and players you will create and share when you finally get your hands on these tools.

Have more ideas for the creator suite in Maximum Football? Want to get inspired by other community members by seeing what they are creating? Join the Maximum Football Discord server to share your thoughts and ideas.