November 29, 2019

Gameplay Sliders: Getting Started

Early on we recognized that everyone’s play style and skill level was different and that the traditional easy, medium, and hard method of defining how well CPU players (all players on both teams not controlled by the player) performed in relation to the ratings wasn’t going to work.

So, with Content Update #2 we saw the launch of gameplay sliders in Maximum Football for the first time.

Maximum Football’s Sliders

Catch Modifier
Increase effectiveness of a player’s Hands Rating

Receiver Route Persistence
How closely receivers follow their assigned routes

Coverage Aggression
How closely defenders follow their assigned receivers

Pass Defense
How quickly defenders react to a pass

Pass Blocking
Adds a buffer to pass blocking for your offensive line

Run Blocking
Adds a buffer to run blocking for your offensive line

Recommended Slider Settings

Our community actively shares and discusses game settings, sliders, and recruiting strategies on our Discord server but one slider set has grown to rule them all. Kramer Sansone’s slider set. Also known as Kramer’s Sliders.

We recommend that you start with these sliders and adjust them to match your specific play skill and style.

Kramer’s Sliders
Catch Modifier: 73
Receiver Route Persistence: 62
Coverage Aggression: 55
Pass Defense: 51
Pass Blocking: 55
Run Blocking: 65

If you are seeing too many open WRs even though you have the proper schemes called (all WRs are covered by DBs) you could bump up the coverage aggression slider or pass defense.

The further left, or closer to zero, the slider is the more the game will use the actual player rating (Catch modifier of 1, WR catch rating of 63 stays at 63). The further right, or closer to one hundred, the slider is the more the game will increase the player’s ratings (Catch modifier of 100, WR catch rating of 63 increases 10-20 points).

This means that the closer to zero the sliders are, the harder the gameplay will be. Especially if you are a bad to average team playing against a good team.

Let us know if you’ve tried out the sliders over on our Discord server or created your own set!