When will the game be available?

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 will be available starting September 27th, 2019.

Is this your first game?

No – we have released Canadian Football 2017 on Xbox One and Maximum Football 2018 on PS4/Xbox One. Our game’s founder David Winter has a long history developing video games and has previously worked at EA Sports.

What is the price of the game?

The game will be $29.99 USD

Will the game be available in-stores?

It is a digital release on the Xbox One and PS4. We explored the possibility of a physical release but it didn’t make financial sense.

Why aren't you on the Nintendo Switch?

We applied to be on the Switch but Nintendo declined us with no reason given.

Is your game licensed with official teams and players?

No all the players and teams are fictional. Doug Flutie is the only real player in the game and is available in play now and season mode.

Why don’t you contact the NCAA, CFL, etc to get their licensing in the game?

We have had discussions with most of the leagues out there and there is little interest on their side to get involved in a video game.

Who are your official partners?

Doug Flutie, Phenom Elite, Wilson Sports, Xenith, Mokom Gloves, The Spring League, Phil Steele’s College Football,

How big is your team?

We have three core members of the team (Dave, Eric, Josh). Dave is the only backend developer for the game. We have had two other interns over the summer who assisted with animation cleanup. All money from the game is reinvested into the development, none of us draw a paycheque from this game and with the exception of Dave, we work other day jobs.

Why don’t you release on the PC?

Our team is too small to support a PC release. When we released Canadian Football 2017, the amount of sales vs support didn’t make sense for us. We are concentrating our efforts on the console.

Will the game release in other regions besides the North American digital stores?

Unfortunately no. The approval process (Pegi) is too resource-intensive for our small team. Our fans in other countries have been able to enjoy our other games by setting up an alternative account for themselves in the US digital stores.

How can I help?

You can spread the word and join us on our Patreon

How can I request a feature?

We have a wishlist channel on our Discord. Our entire team hangs out on the Discord server so we see everything that gets posted there.


What rule sets and field sizes are in the game?

Canadian, College, US Pro

Why don’t you have Arena Football in your game?

Building Arena into the game would take a considerable amount of time and that would have to be our sole focus. The demand for Arena Football doesn’t justify it.

What league structures do you have in the game?

We have a 9, 10 and 16 team structures for the Canadian and US Pro Leagues. These league structures are customized from the Main Menu and can be used in Play Now and Season Mode. The 130 and 27 team college league structures are customized within Dynasty only.

So I have to start my Dynasty Mode and then customize the teams in them?

Yes. We had to set it up this way as the roster database structures are different.

What game modes are there?

Play Now, Season, Logo Editor, Dynasty and Practice Mode (The Spring League)

What can you tell me about Dynasty?

When you start a Dynasty you can choose from a US Style (130 teams) or Canadian Style (27 teams). All teams are customizable in the offseason and preseason.

Do you have recruiting in Dynasty?

Yes – you have a certain amount of time each week to call potential recruits and can choose various pitches to entice a recruit to sign with your team. There are recruiting visits and scholarships.

Will you have gems and busts in recruiting?

Yes – recruits will vary and have hidden potential ratings.

Can I create recruits?

No – you can only modify them once they have been assigned to a team.

How many players are on a roster?


Do you have playoffs and bowl games?

Yes we have a 4 team playoff and Bowl games. There are no customize options for playoffs or Bowls.

What are the Bowl names?

We are currently finalizing these and will release the names once complete.

Do you have an offseason training camp?

Yes we have an offseason training which is a point distribution system to improve your team. The better your team is in the regular season, the more points you get.

Do you have a Coaching Carousel?

No – but you can switch your team in the offseason.

Can I start as a coordinator and then move to a Head Coach?

No you can only play the role of a head coach.

Do you have a “Road to Glory” Type Mode?

No – we do not.

Can I share rosters, logos, or any other file saves?

No – the long answer is here

Do you have any online functional?

No – the long answer is here.

How many stadiums are in the game?

We currently have 11 stadiums in the game which are similar to what was in Maximum Football 2018.

Why don’t you have more stadiums in the game?

It takes 3 weeks to create one stadium and we only have one developer to do that.

Do you have commentary in the game?

No we do not, it is a wish list item.

Do you have extra camera angles?

No we do not have any camera angles other than the default.

Can I change the control scheme?

No – we only have the one control scheme.

Do you have in-game replay?

Yes we do.

Will you have College style music in the game?

Yes we will.

Do you have playbooks or a play designer?

We only have one giant playbook and we only have a play designer at a dev level. Building a play designer optimized for the consoles would take us a long time to build.


Can I customize the teams?

Yes you can customize the teams nickname, location, colors, logo, uniforms (home and away only), helmets, rosters, etc.

Can I customize the player’s equipment?

We have 4 player models to choose from, 19 different facemasks and 3 different helmets.

Do you have tattoos, dreads, hair styles, player faces

No we do not have that level of customization yet.

How many stock logos do you have in the game?

We have over 200 stock logos to choose from plus a logo editor that was seen in last year’s game.

Can I edit the colors of the stock logos?

No as these are static png images.

How many custom logos can I create?

We have 50 save slots available for logos.

Can I customize conferences or schedules?

No not this year. The conferences have an FBS style to them.

Do you have numbers on the helmet or pride stickers?

No because this would cause too many textures to be loaded into the game and we could potentially run out of video memory. Modern consoles today work differently than the PS2.

Why don’t you have end zone art?

All the textures for the field are loaded at run-time. Adding end zone art would prolong the loading but we also don’t have the UI for you to manage end zone artwork.

Do you have commentary in the game?

No we do not, it’s on the wishlist.

Do you have weather elements in the game?

Yes we have rain, snow and wind elements.

Do you have a Coach Mode?

No we do not. But you can watch the CPU play against each other.