October 2, 2020

DFMF 20 Content Update – Available Now on PS4 (1.07) & soon for Xbox (4.0.85)

PS4 users will be prompted with an update this afternoon (1.07) – while Xbox users will receive the content update once Microsoft certifies it.

Your save data does not need to be deleted.

We wanted to get an update out to you quickly and will begin working on a larger update soon.

Content Update Notes:
Xbox 4.0.85 / PS4 01.07

[Game Play] Adjusted downfield blocking on running plays to allow defenders a better chance to shed blocks. This should reduce the overpowered outside runs.

[Game Play] Adjusted how receivers react to bullet pass throws, especially at short distances.

[Game Play] Fixed a button mapping conflict that would prevent you from throwing to your sixth receiver under Canadian rules.

[Game Play] Remapped the ‘throw away’ pass button to the Right Analog Stick Button.

[Game Play] Fixed issue of ball carrier not being tagged down by contact after diving forward for yards.

[Game Play] Made realistic improvements to player movement (slowing down their cuts)

[Game Play] Improved dive tackle animation.

[Game Play] Reduced base fumble chance. Fatigue is still the largest generator of Fumbles. Mixing up play calling, and not driving your running back into the ground, will reduce fumbles.

[Game Play] Removed the game clock stoppage when selecting defensive plays. This still occurs for multi-player games to simulate offensive and defense picking plays during the same period of time.

[Game Play] A punt recovered in the endzone after bouncing, that isn’t returned, now properly records either a rouge or touchback depending on the rule set being used.

[Game Play] Fixed an issue that would cause a game lock up, going into overtime, if using the broadcast camera.

[Game Play] Added user catch. Now you have the ability to take control of the receiver once the ball has been thrown. Use (B) / (O) to take control of the receiver and (Y) / (△) to make the receiver jump for a catch. The receiver will not change his direction of movement until you move the control stick. You can also guide the receiver to the catch point and he’ll attempt to make the catch on his own without jumping.

[Game Play] Fixed an issue that would display the currently highlighted player’s name on top of the end quarter stats screen.

[Customize] Added a manual ‘Save Data’ button to eliminate the need to back out of the feature to save your edits. Some platforms do not automatically save user data when they lose focus, so you’re encouraged to save your edits often.

[Dynasty Mode] Fixed issue that could block you from entering game play from the Conference Games schedule.

[Dynasty Mode] Team records are now properly updated after a Conference Championship game which will accurately update Bowl and Playoff rankings.

[Dynasty Mode] Dynasty data no longer saves when exiting a recruitment call. This should speed up the process of leaving a call and starting a new one. It is important that you manually save your dynasty often as automatic saves have been mostly disabled in order to speed up screen navigation and general usability of the feature.

[Dynasty Mode] Cancelling the creation of a new dynasty will no longer take you to an empty Dynasty Hub.

[Dynasty Mode] It is no longer possible to navigate up and down the schedule lists while the Advance Season dialog is being displayed.

[Dynasty Mode] Adjusted the recruit signing logic to allow more recruit signings during the season.

[Dynasty Mode] Added a validation check on the user team’s depth chart to ensure it’s valid before going into a game. This should fix the issue where users would crash in Dynasty and have their custom files corrupt.

[Dynasty Mode] Fixed a memory leak navigating up and down the various game schedule lists.

[Dynasty Mode] Corrected the “Close To Home” pitch value so not all prospects have the same value for the pitch.

[Dynasty Mode] Games that are started in full play mode, but finished via simulation do not result in displaying 0-0 ties (only the display on the results list showed 0-0, under the hood the game was processed with correct scores and stats.