November 28, 2019

Content Update 3 Details

Content Update 3 is a large quality of life update for our community. Large improvements for college dynasty mode in recruiting, player generation, new schedules, and more.

Although we can’t get to all of the community requests in a single content update be confident that we’ve heard you on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Operation Sports, Patreon, Instagram, and…yeah. All the places.

Release Date

We are submitting the update today, November 28th.

Typically, PlayStation 4 will roll the update out same day as it’s an automated review but with it being a holiday in the United States it’s possible this will take longer than usual. Xbox One updates take 3-5 business days due to their manual review process.

Estimated roll outs:

College Football Video Game Recruiting
Maximum Football Playbooks
Maximum Football Dynasty Team Schedules
Maximum Football Game Clock
Maximum Football Dynasty Player Updates
Maximum Football Content Update 3 Details

Note about updates:

  • You will not lose any customization, logo creations, or progress in your current game or dynasties.
  • You are not required to start a new dynasty to experience the updates, but please note that that any player and recruit rating or attribute adjustments will not affect existing players in the game. When you progress to the next year in your dynasty all new recruits will be generated using our new logic.
  • All new plays and formations can be used in any existing games or dynasties that utilize a US (college or pro) rule set.
  • Dynasty schedules are randomized. Each time you start a new season or begin a new dynasty the game will randomly select a schedule.

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 is available on:

PlayStation 4
Xbox One

More soon…