October 17, 2019

Content Update 2 Details

We’ve been hard at work collecting feedback from the community since our first content update and implementing important updates to Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019.

Although we can’t get to all of the community requests in a single content update be confident that we’ve heard you on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Operation Sports, Patreon, Instagram, and…well…you get the idea.

Release Date

We are submitting the update today, October 16th. Typically, PlayStation 4 will roll the update out same day. Xbox One updates take a few extra days due to their manual review process.

Estimated roll outs:

Maximum Football Gameplay Sliders
Maximum Football Weekly Team Ranking
Maximum Football Rosters

Note about updated rosters: Updated rosters will only affect new dynasties. Any existing dynasties you may have started will retain your rosters within that save file. You will not lose any of your edits.

Maximum Football Controls
Maximum Football AI

An important note about our new dynasty saving feature: if you have your console set to turn off after a set amount of time (20 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, etc) we suggest you disable that feature. If the system turns off and you haven’t manually saved your progress (if you sim a season and walk away for an extended period of time) you will lose any changes since your previous save.

How to set time until PS4 turns off
How to change Xbox console power settings

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 is available on:

PlayStation 4
Xbox One

More soon…